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Sesame is the easy Smarthome solution. With Sesame you can remote-control any electrical equipment from your SmartPhone (iOS/Android).

Sesame is a toobox which can be used for:

  • Remote control for opennig of the garage door and feed back if it is actually closed/Open
  • Remote control for portal opening, feedback if the portal is actually open/closed
  • Any kind of electrical access oppening
  • Pool filtration motor pump management/ Feed back of the pol water tempeture
  • Heater on/off management (thermostat behaviour) and temperature control of the area
  • Coooler on/off management (thermostat behaviour) and tempeture controle of the area
  • Management of the a tank liquid reserve for control of the pump (or valve) and the liquid level sensor
  • Innondation pump control with water presence sensor
  • Water valve management for grass area or trees
  • Cutting zas entry of the house from the smartphoen when go the the trip and forget to do it before
  • This list is not exostive: any sensor which make a contact when it detects can be used  with our kits.
  • The limit of what we can do with this toolkit is our imagination!

The control can be done by sensors but also even under low lights you can continue to monitor your home thanks to a camera equipped with infrared lights.


Sesame is very simple to install, there is no maintenance needed.


Connect the MBox central box to Internet. Connect your electrical equipment to the Sesame Kit.

Download the iSesame Application on your SmartPhone. Enter the serial number of the box with the password you got when you bought it. That's all.

For connection's details see installers page.

You can create upto 10 users limited on time and limited on some hours or days. Your cleaner can open the garage door only the Monday between 10-11 AM.  The cleaner will use his smartphone as remote control. You can remove his entry code when you want. For Pro version with 250 users please contact us.


With Sesame you can remote control and automate all your house appliances.


For exemple when the temperature rises more than 25C° you can set a command to automatically switch the water pump of your pool on. When it reachs 30C° you can ask Sesame to send an SMS to alert you so you can avoid your pool to turn green.

At any time from your smartphone you observe the actual temperature/luminosity value and you can tune the Sesame's "thermostat"/"PhotoSwitch".

Tempeture: Température:



  1. Water filtering of the pool is controlled by the thermometer that you put in the pool.  
  2. The electrical convector of your bath room is controlled by the Sesam's Kit thermometer. 
  3. Your air conditioning system can be controlled by a thermometer, it is the thermostat. 
  4. Get a SMS alert each time that an certain tempeture is reached. 
  5. Turning ON/OFF any electric equipment depending the termometer position. 

Luminosity: Luminosité:



  1. Turning on automatically the pilot light.
  2. SMS Alert if one light turns OFF/ON.
  3. Simulating human presence in the house.
  4. Any action in function of the luminosity...