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Additionnel sensors

These additional sensors can be added to Kits K1 or K3.

Thanks to these additional sensors, you can activate new actions via K1or K3 modules. For example, take a picture when the door opening sensor detects a movement, etc...

1: Door opening sensor


You can know if a door or window is open.

2:Liquide level sensor


You can know if a low/high level of a liquid is reached

3:Gaz sensors

a)Liquified natural gas sensor

b)Methanol sensor

c)Smoke sensor


4:Water Valve 1/2"


The 1/2" valve is closed if it is off line. It can be activated automaticaly or commanded by SmartPhone.

5:Switch Sensor


This sensor is ideal for detecting a commanded door like a garage door. The user will have the status of the commanded door, opened/closed. Otherwise he can check this status with taking a picture.