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Sesame Kit  K1

The best Product to control any electrical equipment having command, from distance. With it's high sensitive camera, K1 let you see the space, even in the dark.

K1 includes a Thermometer sensor and Photometer Sensor. These sensors give tempeture and luminosity and on the top of that they let you turn on/off an equipment automatically in the function of the value of the sensor. 

K1 includes an presence sensor. It can do directly turn on/off an electric equiment, send you a mail or SMS. or take a picture and send it to you attached a mail.

The K1 comes also with some general purpos inputs. For example It can be used with a contactor sensor or  a magnetic sensor. For example it can send back a state of a mecanical action like opening/closing a garage door (see options).

Our products are "Made in France".

Boitier M1