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iSesame User Manual


This document is for the end user of the iSesame's iPhone/Android application

Index :

Quick start(# I)

General usage





iSesame User Manual


This document is for the end user of the iSesame's iPhone/Android application

Index :

Quick start(# I)

General usage




Chapter 1: Quick start



Find and download iSesame application on AppStoreor Google Play


                 First of all the software must connect to your Sesame box. To do so select the preferences tab. Then enter the Serial ID and the password of your box. You can find them on your invoice. Be careful they are case sensitive. Trick: The best way to avoid a mistake with these codes is to copy/paste them from a mail or another digital document...


You can immediately add your email address if you want to receive alerts by email or images attached to emails. If you want to receive SMS for alerts you should enter your phone number with international format for example for france you start with +33... If the number is wrong or badly typed, each time the system sends you an SMS, it removes one credit from your SMS account, even if you never received the SMS.


When you register changes, the application connect to your box. Of course, you should be connected to the Internet. If you get the green icon, it is OK. Otherwise please check the id or password or your Internet connection depending on the error message you are getting.



When you run iSesame you see the Kits list on Kits tab. Lorsque vous activez l'application iSesame, vous voyez dans l'onglet "Kits", la liste de vos Kits.

The "Kits" tab/L'onglet "Kits":

This is the kits tab where you see all iSesame's modules installed and actually connected to your Sesame system. Dans l'onglet "Kits" vous voyez la liste des Kits installés et détectés.

You can change the name of each module or navigate into them to take actions or change Alarms or Switchs (explained on related chapters, 2 and 3). Vous pouvez changer le nom de chaque Kit ou bien l'éditer ou encore changer (créer/éditer) des alarmes ou des Smart i (automatismes) liés aux Kits (explications dans les chapitres 2 et 3).

Any name change will be removed if you ask again defaults settings. But Alarm and Smat i modifications will persist, they are saved in the box. Tout changement de nom peut être effacé si on reprend à nouveau la configuration par défaut. Tandis que les alarmes et les Smart i (les automatismes) sont sauvés dans la box donc vont survivre à la récupération de configuration par défaut.

Status tab/L'onglet Status:


          Status tab can be useful if you have trouble with your network and don't know if you are connected or not. Usually the green check icon is enough. Action buttons on this page are not really useful for end user except if you want to do an extra action and a professional installer asks you to do so. L'onglet status est intéressant pour voir l'état de votre connexion et le nombre de jours restants de votre abonment ainsi que le nombre de SMS qui vous restent. Ici on trouve des informations spécifiques à votre installation et version de logiciels que le cas échéant on pourra vous demander au service support.

General usage/Utilisation générale:

What you see in each Kit depends on your own installation. We give here the principal information that you can find in the sensor list. Le contenu d'une page d'un Kit dépend de votre installation. Il est configuré à l'usine puis par l'installateur. Vous y retrouvez la liste des détécteurs et possiblités d'action du Kit.



In this sample, the Kit has a thermometer inside the pool, so it gives the temperature of the water of the pool. You have also the luminosity of the place where it is installed. We will do a trick to have a feedback information with it as you will see further. Dans cet exemple, le thermomètre est dans la piscine donc on capte la température de l'eau de la piscine. Vous avez également la luminosité de l'endroit ou le boitier du module se trouve. Nous allons voir plus loin que l'on va utiliser une astuce pour avoir un retour par ce billet.


You touch it, it operates/Vous touchez il opère


This push Button action the command during one second.

In our sample it action the Garage Door command.

switchoff switchon

This Button action the command for changing it's value

 switchoff  switchon

If you want to be sure when you do the action, you check the "Confirmation option" when editing the line.

So you will confirm the action before it will be sent. 

Feedback Sensors:

No action required from user. It shows you the state of the related sensor.


The tempeture value is directly displayed

Affiche la valeur de la température


Shows if the garage door is Opened/Closed.

Montre l'état de l'ouverture/fermeture d'une porte de garage

garagedooroff garagedooron

The luminosity value is displayed in percentage

La valeur en pourcentage de la luminosité.


For On/OFF feedback sensors, there is the possibility to invert the value of the Kit's sensor.


This can be done only by the professional installer, when he has no possibilities to invert hard wires.


A water pump engine has no feedback. As a trick, we will add a small lamp very close to our luminosity sensor This lamp will be connected to the same electric entry as the water pump engine. That way we will see 98% to 100% of luminosity when the pump is running!


editportail editname

On the left you put  the module's page on edition state. In this mode if you touch the line you get the page on the right. Where you can give another name to the sensor or action button. 

Be careful, if you get again default settings you loose the name change.